Another Firewise Chipper Reminder

posted Jul 11, 2021, 1:55 PM by CFNA CFNA

Greetings Neighbors! 

I think we can agree that it is officially summer in Boise.  The temperatures are soaring and smoke from Wildland fires is having a negative effect on Boise’s air quality as it spreads across the region.  

Most of you already know that the Central Foothills Neighborhood is considered a Wildland-Urban-Interface area, or WUI.  WUI areas bring special challenges to fire fighting and mitigation due the intermingling of structures (residential homes and businesses) and undeveloped wildland or vegetative fuels. While we, as residents may not be able to change the landscape of the undeveloped landscape, small steps taken on our own property can have a cumulative and positive impact in our own neighborhood. It’s no secret that  this year Idaho is hotter and drier than many years past and we all have a responsibility to prevent wildland fires and mitigate the risks the best we can.  

Lucky for us, the City of Boise has some free programs that can improve wildfire home safety right here in our neighborhood!

Thanks to grant funding from the Idaho Department of Lands, the City of Boise is offering chipping services to neighborhoods in the Wildland Urban Interface along the Boise Foothills throughout summer 2021. The Central Foothills NA is scheduled to receive chipping services on 7/9 and 7/16.  We anticipate additional dates throughout the summer, please check the websites below for additional information. Neighborhood Chipping Program is different this year than in previous years, and requires that residents receive a free home safety evaluation prior to any chipping services. This free evaluation helps homeowners to learn about the wildfire risks around their home and offers free chipping services when you remove overgrown and fire-friendly vegetation. The evaluation team will come to your home and it's a quick, easy and informative process. If residents have received a home safety evaluation from Boise Fire in previous years, there is no need to receive another one to participate in the chipping program.

After signing up for a home safety evaluation, homeowners can secure a chipping slot at  You must schedule a chipping time slot so the chipper knows where to go on the day of the chipping event. Right now, multiple chipping slots available 

The city is also promoting a free plant program.  Residents can remove any fire-prone plant from around their property (e.g. conifers, rosemary, Russian sage, or anything accumulating lots of debris) and receive a free plant in return.  To receive your free plant, remove fire-friendly plants, take pictures before and after and send them to  Please enter FREE PLANT is the subject line of the email.  Homeowners will receive a coupon to pick up a plant from Idaho Firewise or Draggin’ Wing High Desert Nursery. 

If you have more questions please feel free to contact the City of Boise, Dorothy Finaldi at or and other board member of the Central Foothills Neighborhood Association. 

Prepare for wildfire:

Wildfire mitigation:

Fire Assessment => Chipper Truck

posted Jun 13, 2021, 7:47 AM by CFNA CFNA

Just a quick reminder to sign up for a free wildfire assessment from the Boise Fire Department. 

Once you have had your assessment, you can sign up for the chipper truck to come to your property on either July 9 or July 16, for free. 

Let’s mitigate some of our wildfire risk by cleaning up and clearing out our neighborhood!

2021 Summer Newsletter

posted Jun 6, 2021, 2:04 PM by CFNA CFNA

Happy Summer Neighbors!


Saturday September 18, 2021 we will host our annual neighborhood celebration. This year we will once again have the gathering at Birdseed Park, next to 2602 N Terrace Way. The gathering will be from 5-8pm. We hope to have live music, guests, and food! We will have a brief memorial to Mat Slater. And, we will have elections!


Central Foothills Neighborhood Association could really use some new people on the Board. Please consider volunteering to be on the Board. It doesn’t usually require too much work and you get to know many more of your neighbors. It feels good. Many of the current Board members have been on the Board for many years. It’s time for new energy! If you have any interest and want more information, please email us at 


There is a City ordinance that prohibits fireworks north of Hill Road. That covers our entire neighborhood association area. On New Year’s Eve several neighbors had fireworks landing in their yard, deck, and roof! This is not acceptable. We are in a very fire prone area. If you hear or see any fireworks, please try to discern where they are coming from and call 911. They will send a patrol car around to talk to the culprits. July 4 is coming and it can be very dry and dangerous at that time. 


We are a certified Firewise community. That means we do projects and take steps to keep our neighborhood safe, fire-wise. This year if you contact the Boise Fire Department for a wildfire risk assessment you are eligible for free use of a chipper truck. The chipper truck will be coming to our neighborhood July 9 & 16. Sign up for your assessment and chipper truck now! 


1. Solicitors: The Boise Police Department wants to remind residents to be cautious when dealing with solicitors, and to be informed about Boise City solicitor regulations. All Boise City door-to-door solicitors must be licensed by the City and display their official license when interacting with home owners.  If a solicitor knocks on your door, ask to see their license.  If they do not have one, have them leave your property and call Non-Emergency Dispatch at (208) 377-6790 immediately.  

2. Garage Doors: Numerous garages and sheds have been left open and unsecured resulting in reported burglaries (primarily bikes and tools) throughout the Treasure Valley. Please be aware of your property and your neighbors. Let’s keep an eye out for each other and keep our neighborhood safe.

3. Water Safety: Now that warm weather is here, many want to recreate near water. Please be safe around the City’s parks, ponds, the Boise River, and canals. We encourage you to watch, practice, and share the water safety tips in this video

4. Neighborhood Watch: For issues that do not require immediate attention, please email  For issues that need follow up by a neighborhood officer, contact your NCO. If the issue is urgent and needs immediate assistance, please do not hesitate to contact dispatch for an officer to respond (208-377-6790 non-emergency or 911 in an emergency). 

Domain Thank You

For several years a neighbor, Scott Carter, has hosted our domain name (for our website). He moved out of the neighborhood three years ago yet he continued to host us. We have recently taken this over ourselves. But we wanted to thank Scott for his assistance this past years. Thank you Scott!!

Another City survey

posted Feb 11, 2021, 3:42 PM by CFNA CFNA

The City of Boise received funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to fund community development and affordable housing. Help us identify the greatest areas of need in our community by taking this survey before Feb. 21, available in English ( and in Spanish (   


You can learn more about the Five Year Consolidated Planning process

Central Foothills Neighborhood Association (CFNA) 2020 Annual Review

posted Dec 21, 2020, 6:36 PM by CFNA CFNA

Happy Solstice & Seasons Greetings Central Foothills Neighbors!


We hope this newsletter finds you all well, and likely looking forward to the new year ahead. While this year has been one for the books and most of us would rather not think about the year we have had, we wanted to take a moment and review some of the great things that have happened in our neighborhood. This year has definitely brought challenge, uncertainty, frustration, and isolation. We have all had to figure out a different way of going about our normal daily routine. With that said, it has been wonderful to live in an area with great weather, easy access to the outdoors, and wonderful neighbors to greet as we pass each other on a walk (socially distanced, of course).


In all of this uncertainty, we do know that there is a small light to the end of the tunnel. We also know and have seen how great and necessary a community is. Keep checking in on your neighbor (safely), keep up the great yard work, and stay positive!  Before we know it, we will be back to getting together for backyard BBQs, dining in restaurants in Hyde Park, and not having to run off the trail like a hermit to socially distance while using the trails.  


We hope you will find enjoyment and a bit of hope for the coming year as we review the great things that have gone on this past year (see below) and as we look to the plans for the year ahead.  


We wish you all a warm holiday season.  Be safe, be neighborly, be kind.  




Your Central Foothills Neighborhood Association Board

Joanie Fauci, President

Michelle Cooper, Vice President

Carolyn & Nathan Punt, Secretary/Treasurer

Dorothy Finaldi, Firewise Coordinator

Moe McGee, Neighborhood Plan Coordinator 

Helen Thorsen, Neighborhood Watch Coordinator

Sharon Hayhurst, Neighborhood Coordinator



2020 Updates


Neighborhood Association Board Member update:

It is with great sadness we inform all of the passing of the CFNA president, outdoor enthusiast, neighborhood advocate, and friend, Mat Slater.  His battle with cancer was quick.  We will miss his fun and playful spirit.  He was a great support and advocate of the outdoors and our neighborhood, and we hope to continue on with his passion.


We are grateful to prior president and board member, Joanie Fauci, who will be taking on the role of president once again.  Michelle Cooper will continue as Vice President.  We would also like to thank Moe McGee and Dorothy Finaldi, also past presidents, who will also continue to help on the board.  Finally, Carolyn and Nathan Punt will be taking on the roles of Secretary/Treasurer as Mike Wabst has moved out of the area.



Firewise Re-certification:

We are very thankful for the hard work and leadership from CFNA board member Dorothy Finaldi and other neighbors throughout CFNA! With their work, we were able to once again obtain Firewise Certification for our neighborhood!  


As mentioned, the certification required neighborhood involvement through fire safe yard maintenance by creating and maintaining a defensible space that complies with wildland/urban interface regulations while promoting water conservation. As a part of this program, a woodchipper was brought to the neighborhood for neighbors to use during yard cleanup.  This past year we had 7 people take advantage of this opportunity.  We will be looking to obtain Firewise Certification again this coming year, which means we need continued participation from CFNA neighbors.


If you are unfamiliar with the Idaho Firewise program or wildland/urban interface (WUI), check out the Idaho Firewise Website for excellent information and resources on how to keep your family, property, and neighborhood safe. (



Mutt Mitt Station and garbage at Who Now Access Trailhead:

Many hikers, especially those with four-legged hiking buddies, may have noticed the addition of a Mutt Mitt Station and garbage can at the Who Now Loop Access trailhead (at the top of Lancaster Pl).  The Mutt Mitt stations you see have been the result of City grant and work with The Land Trust of the Treasure Valley over the past few years, and we are excited to say this project has been completed with the addition of the station.  The Mutt Mitt Station is currently being maintained by Carolyn.  Please let the association know if there are any concerns or issues.



CFNA 2021 plan:

  1. Annual meeting: Due to COVID, the City of Boise has asked all neighborhood associations to move normal spring annual meetings to August-November 2021.  We hope to have a gathering and annual meeting in September.  Stay tuned!  


Please consider participating as a board member! Fresh ideas and people are always good to an organization.


  1. Neighborhood Plan: Several neighbors are starting to look into creating a Neighborhood Plan.  This is a planning document that helps with City development projects.  If you would like to be involved, please send us an email.


  1. Firewise re-certification 2021: Be on the lookout for updates regarding Firewise re-certification.  


Contacting the Central Foothills Neighborhood Association:

We will be working to update our website over the next few months.  Please be patient as we do this.  For now, the best way to contact us is by email:  


We apologize if any emails are missed or incorrect.  Please notify us of neighbors who need to be added to or removed from this distribution and/or NextDoor, or if your contact information needs to be updated.  We greatly appreciate the help!



What is the difference between a Neighborhood Association & an HOA?:

Here is a great explanation found on the City of Boise’s website:  NA vs HOA (


Here is a website to a map and list of neighborhood associations in the City of Boise: Boise NAs



Spring 2018 Update: New Board, Chipper Trucks, & Calendar

posted May 8, 2018, 1:54 PM by CFNA CFNA   [ updated May 8, 2018, 2:05 PM ]

CFNA Spring Newsletter 2018

Hello Central Foothillers!

Hope you've all been busy enjoying a beautiful Spring in our neighborhood. Whether it's hiking Hillside to the Hollow, pulling weeds, or dusting off your To Do list things are in motion and on that note it's high time for our Spring Newsletter...

Meet the 2018 Board

CFNA held board elections in late January and we bid adieu to the outgoing board and honored our Guatemala-bound emeritus President Joanie Fauci. Endless thanks for your service, Joanie!
Our newly elected President is Mat Slater who you may have met out on the trails with his dog or tending to the neighbor's garden at the end of Terrace Way where he's lived for 19 years.

CFNA Board Members:
Mat Slater, President
Michelle Cooper, Vice President
Mike Wabst, Treasurer
Dorothy Finaldi, Firewise Coordinator
Helen Thorensen, Neighborhood Watch Coordinator
Eric Lecht, Neighborhood Subdistrict Coordinator
Sharon Hayhurst, Neighborhood Subdistrict Coordinator

Chipper Trucks & FireWise

The CFNA inbox regularly gets questions about the Chipper Trucks & FireWise. We've been blessed for the past several years however we did not receive our FireWise grant this year to fund them.
Last year our grant was around $25,000 and although we have $4156 left in the FireWise grant funds they can only be spent on chipper trucks.

Dorothy is keeping in touch with the City and is checking whether the funds can be used for fire prevention related cleanups or planting vegetation to prevent erosion.


We've gotten reports of kids working on old dirt jumps in Ussery Gulch again. It appears they are trying to restore a route previously closed off by Ridge to Rivers staff per the City of Boise. Please contact Sara Arkle with Boise Parks & Rec at (208) 493-2533 if you know anything about this illegal activity.

Spring weather brings more trail users as well as wildlife. If you or anyone you know needs to brush up on trail etiquette (in general, Ridge to Rivers has published a guide you can download & print.

Upcoming Events

Firewise Training
Wednesday, May 16th 6pm @ Bown Crossing Library

All are welcome to attend - learn more how to keep your property safe from fire risks.

Lancaster Trailhead Nat'l Trails Day Project
Saturday, June 2nd 9am - 1pm

This year’s National Trails Day project will be relocation of the neighborhood access trail into the Hillside to the Hollow Reserve from the end of Lancaster Street. We need volunteers! For more info or to sign up:

Thank You

What makes a neighborhood thrive is its residents and we want to hear from you. Please share your concerns, suggestions, and ideas. And thank you...whether it's turning out to a community event, helping clear a Mutt Mitt station, or protecting our trail system all those small acts of care and kindness coalesce to continue making our neighborhood a great place to live. Thank you!

2018 CFNA Annual Meeting

posted Jan 10, 2018, 1:25 PM by CFNA CFNA

Happy New Year! 

Hello everyone! We wanted to let you know that we will be having the Central Foothills Neighborhood Association annual meeting next Wednesday, January 17th. The meeting begins at 6:30pm at the Library! at Collister, 4724 W State Street. 

We have will a guest speaker and Board elections. We are in need of new board members! Most board members have served for multiple terms, and are not able to continue next year in this role. Please consider joining the Board. We would love to have some new people, with new energy on the CFNA Board. It doesn’t involve too much of your time and much of what we do is done via email.

Thanks for your consideration, we hope to see you Wednesday!


by Joanie Fauci, current President

Guest Speaker:
Leon Letson – City of Boise, Planning & Development Services, Planner
Elections:  Thanks to all 2017 Board members! We accomplished a lot: the chipper truck twice, a neighborhood Firewise project, a trail closure project, and a full moon party. We would love to have new volunteers join the Board.  Here are most of the things we do, the Board members share these tasks.

  • Holding general meetings (and all that’s involved)
  • Respond to email, website, Nextdoor, maintain website
  • Maintain contact information of residents
  • Produce the annual report (take photos throughout the year)
  • Apply for grants and complete grant actions
  • Communicate with the mayor & city council & ACHD – email and/or hearings
  • Ensure there are pedestrian flags at Lancaster & Hill
  • Ensure mutt mitts stations are operating correctly
  • Serve as an ambassador for CFNA!
Vice President:
Firewise Coordinator:
Neighborhood Watch Coordinator:
Sub district Coordinators:
  • Firewise
  • Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant Application
  • Boise Bike Boulevard Coalition (BBBC)
  • Boise Neighborhood Association Network (BNAN)

Thanks to Collister Library for allowing us to meet here.

Fall Update

posted Sep 27, 2017, 2:51 PM by CFNA CFNA   [ updated Sep 27, 2017, 3:10 PM ]

Hello Neighbors!

Cool weather is back in the air! So it’s time for our neighborhood party!

Everyone should have received a flyer on their doorstep. The signs at the end of the streets will be out soon. So, we hope you will be able to attend! Wednesday, October 4, 6:30pm, at the top of Terrace Way. It should be a fun time!

On Saturday, October 14 the City of Boise is hosting a neighborhood focused event. It is called Boise Interactive. Everyone is encouraged to attend. The registration fee is $10 (early bird, until they run out) then $15. If you attend, CFNA will reimburse this fee! Send an email with your name, mailing address, phone number, email address, and how much you paid to We will get a check to you but it may take a little while, please be patient with us. To register, please go to For more information, please visit


The chipper truck will be back. Expect pickups early Monday morning on October 16 & 23. If your yard debris is not out when the truck comes by, you will have to take care of it yourself, we do not have the funds to send them around a second time. It would be best to have it out on Sunday evening. Since this is part of our Firewise program, any photos and hours worked would be greatly appreciated. Please send all information to .


Several neighborhood associations, but especially the North End Neighborhood Association, will be hosting a City Council Candidates Forum on Tuesday, October 24. Three of the six seats on the Boise City Council will be on the November ballot. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

That’s all for now. We hope to see you at several of these events. Hopefully the local construction work is not too bothersome.


Summer Update

posted Aug 11, 2017, 12:20 PM by CFNA CFNA

Hope you're all having a wonderful Summer, and that you have some fun plans for viewing the eclipse! We have a few announcements and Save-the-Dates for you:

• COMPASS is accepting comments on their 2040 plan through August 15th.The Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho (COMPASS) is requesting YOUR feedback on transportation plans and projects in Ada and Canyon Counties. Please take a moment to review the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), which includes projects proposed for the next five years, as well as proposed changes to the regional long-range transportation plan. Communities in Motion 2040, which looks 20+ years into the future. Comments may be submitted through August 15, 2017. Learn more at

• ACHD is accepting comments on their Five-Year Plan through August 21st. The FY2018-2022 Integrated Five-Year Work Plan (IFYWP) Initial Draft is available for public comment through August 21, 2017. The draft Plan can be found at: The IFYWP is ACHD’s five-year capital program identifying all planned projects in the areas of roadway maintenance, bridge replacement, storm water infrastructure, pedestrian and bicycle enhancements, and road and intersection widening. All comments received on the initial draft will be reviewed with the ACHD Commission for direction on specific changes to incorporate into the final draft that will be out later this summer.

• The City of Boise is accepting nominations for Good Neighbor Awards through September 1st.
Do you know a great neighbor who deserves recognition for his or her contributions to our community? Is there a neighbor who keeps an eye on the neighborhood during a morning stroll or secures grants to improve the neighborhood park? Perhaps someone who organizes block parties or welcomes new neighbors to the neighborhood? Whatever their contributions, here’s a chance to thank them by nominating them for the Mayor's Awards for Good Neighbors! Nominations for residents, businesses and organizations will be accepted through September 1st. For more information on the Good Neighbor program or to nominate a good neighbor, please go to  Thank you to all those who make Boise a great place to live!

• The Central Foothills Neighborhood Association is having its National Night Out/Full Moon Party on October 4th. Located in the cul-de-sac at the top of Terrace Way (off of Hillway Drive). More details as the date approaches.

Boise Neighborhood Interactive. On October 14th at the Grove Hotel, enjoy a day of speakers and breakout sessions focused on community topics most important to you and your neighborhood. More details will be available in September, but in the meantime, see

• The North End Neighborhood Association is sponsoring a City Council Candidate Forum on October 24th. Three of our City Council seats will be up for a vote in November.

• The Suez Water Boring Project on North Mountain is nearing completion. A similar project on Hillway Drive will start in the near future.

• The Magal Subdivision at the end of Lancaster Drive will begin the road grading phase imminently. Expect the trail to be closed. If you have any questions or concerns about the project (i.e.,dust issues, etc.) contact Andy Long of the City of Boise, at 208-794-8996 or Steve Sears of Conger Management Group, at 208-870-1272.

• To maintain our Firewise certification, neighbors need to help neighbors clear out combustible materials on or around their property. Look for an announcement in the Fall of where and when the project will take place. We hope you will choose to volunteer for this community effort!

• We expect to be scheduling the Chipper truck again this fall, likely in late October, to help residents clear their yards of overgrowth (junipers, etc.). Any materials larger than the compost bins can handle will be appropriate for this service.

• To reiterate some posts from, there have been multiple thefts of bicycles and vehicle contents in our area this summer. Take extra precautions to secure your property; keep your cars locked. If you haven't already, please register your bicycle on the Boise Police Department website to aid in its recovery should it be stolen:

Various City News Updates

posted May 10, 2017, 2:43 PM by CFNA CFNA

Various City News Updates 

 "The Era of Megafires" movie will be playing at the Egyptian Theater on Tuesday, May 16th.

• On Wednesday, May 17th, Captain Jerry McAdams from the Boise Fire Department, Brett Van Paepeghem from Idaho Firewise, and Martha Brabec from the City of Boise, will join together at the Library! at Collister to provide all the latest information about becoming a Firewise Community.  They will present the newest information Firewise has to offer.  Captain McAdams also expressed a willingness to work with any of the neighborhood associations to survey, advise, and support you in taking action now! Although CFNA is already an established Firewise community, you may find this talk informative.
What:  Firewise Communities
When: Wednesday, May 17th, 7:00-8:30 p.m.
Where: The Library! at Collister, in the Sycamore Room
4724 W. State St., Boise ID  83703
(208) 972-8320

 Spurge Blisters - A message from a master gardener neighbor:  Donkey Tail Spurge (botanical name Euphorbia myrsinites) is blooming everywhere right now: (in the median strips on 15th Street), on hillsides (above Harrison Hollow + all along Tablerock Road), and in every last neighborhood... all over Boise. THE SAP CAN CAUSE BLISTERS ON YOUR SKIN and has the potential to blind you. I have at least three wretched incidents to relate where children were hurt or an adult ended up in the ER. The kids, seeing the milky white sap, spread it all over their arms and legs, playing "sunscreen," with it. They ended up in the ER with blisters where they "applied" the sap. Another report of kids rolling on a bank and goofing off, and breaking the stems and getting sap all over themselves, again resulted in ER visits for blisters. And a friend was pulling weeds at the Idaho Botanical Garden, snapped a stem and got some sap in his eyes, which almost blinded him. I'd love to see it all removed, but if you attempt it, wear safety glasses, long sleeves, long pants and gloves. Then throw it in a plastic bag and seal it securely before tossing it in the trash.

• If you know CPR or are in emergency need of CPR, you should have this app:

• Sign up for CodeRed to be notified of emergencies in your area:

• Sign up to receive the City’s "Energize" Newsletter, which contains information about many neighborly events:

• F-35 Update:  Joanie Fauci, CFNA President, has been attending meetings and keeping abreast of information about the F-35s potentially coming to Gowen Field. She has asked the Air Force to provide demonstration flights so we can hear how loud they truly are. No flights are confirmed at this time.

• Bedard Hearing Update:  The City vs. Bedard Musser case was heard at the Idaho Supreme Court on May 3rd. No judgement has yet been made about Bedard’s easement access to his 63 acres of private property above Hillside Jr High.

• Hillway Drive trailhead work is still planned for this spring. We are waiting on supplies. Contact if you wish to help.

• The CFNA Neighborhood Party will be held on October 4th. We will provide additional details closer to the date.

• There will be a City-sponsored Neighborhood Summit on SaturdayOctober 14th. Everyone is welcome to attend. There will be many lectures, panels, and roundtable discussions about issues related to neighborhoods. Again, additional details will be provided closer to the date.

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