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2015 Fall Update

posted Oct 30, 2015, 4:24 PM by CFNA CFNA

Happy Halloween everyone!

Here is the link to the minutes from our meeting on Oct 14:

It was the first meeting of our newly merged Neighborhood Association (Central Foothills and Stewart Gulch). Approximately 60 people attended! We hope all who attended found it interesting.  And that others will consider attending and joining The Board in January.

To learn more about the 36th Street Roundabout project, to watch the video, and/or to sign up for updates, go to the ACHD website:

Here is an update from Ridge to Rivers concerning the Hillside to the Hollow Reserve:

·       Trail names have finally been finalized and approved.  Routes approved through last year’s planning process will receive name labels and directional arrows beginning today (they will go on the steel marker posts installed for this purpose last spring).  These routes will also be on the upcoming version of the Ridge to Rivers map. (this has already occurred)

·         Construction of the Full Sail Trail (approx. 1-mile) approved as a new route in the master plan, from Hillside Park to Ussery Gulch will begin November 1st.  It is our hope that the trail will be completed prior to the onset of winter conditions.  Funds to construct this trail have been received from the following entities:  Ridge to Rivers, Land Trust of the Treasure Valley in memory of Bev Miller, Idaho State Parks and Recreation (via an RTP grant), the Southwest Idaho Mountain Bike Association, and funds donated in memory of local mountain biker Dee Jorgensen.

·         A short reroute (approx. .1-mile) approved in the master plan from the Harrison Hollow Saddle, south to the existing (and newly name) “Who Now Loop Trail” will be constructed via a volunteer effort on Saturday, October 31st.  Information and sign-up is available on our Boise Foothills Trail Conditions Facebook page. (just show up if interested, due to short notice, 9am-1pm)

·         A short reroute (approx. .2-miles) identified in the master plan for the existing (and newly named) Bob Smylie Trail behind the Mormon Church will take place early this winter.

The Discovery Center of Idaho is looking for volunteers. See to apply.

Here are a few things The Board is currently involved with or keeping an eye on:

1. mutt mitt stations
2. chipper grant
3. communications/meetings grant
4. Eyrie Canyon development
5. Lancaster development
6. 24th St development
7. Fire access roads
8. 24th St water pump house

Thanks everyone for being a good neighbor!