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2021 Summer Newsletter

posted Jun 6, 2021, 2:04 PM by CFNA CFNA

Happy Summer Neighbors!


Saturday September 18, 2021 we will host our annual neighborhood celebration. This year we will once again have the gathering at Birdseed Park, next to 2602 N Terrace Way. The gathering will be from 5-8pm. We hope to have live music, guests, and food! We will have a brief memorial to Mat Slater. And, we will have elections!


Central Foothills Neighborhood Association could really use some new people on the Board. Please consider volunteering to be on the Board. It doesn’t usually require too much work and you get to know many more of your neighbors. It feels good. Many of the current Board members have been on the Board for many years. It’s time for new energy! If you have any interest and want more information, please email us at 


There is a City ordinance that prohibits fireworks north of Hill Road. That covers our entire neighborhood association area. On New Year’s Eve several neighbors had fireworks landing in their yard, deck, and roof! This is not acceptable. We are in a very fire prone area. If you hear or see any fireworks, please try to discern where they are coming from and call 911. They will send a patrol car around to talk to the culprits. July 4 is coming and it can be very dry and dangerous at that time. 


We are a certified Firewise community. That means we do projects and take steps to keep our neighborhood safe, fire-wise. This year if you contact the Boise Fire Department for a wildfire risk assessment you are eligible for free use of a chipper truck. The chipper truck will be coming to our neighborhood July 9 & 16. Sign up for your assessment and chipper truck now! 


1. Solicitors: The Boise Police Department wants to remind residents to be cautious when dealing with solicitors, and to be informed about Boise City solicitor regulations. All Boise City door-to-door solicitors must be licensed by the City and display their official license when interacting with home owners.  If a solicitor knocks on your door, ask to see their license.  If they do not have one, have them leave your property and call Non-Emergency Dispatch at (208) 377-6790 immediately.  

2. Garage Doors: Numerous garages and sheds have been left open and unsecured resulting in reported burglaries (primarily bikes and tools) throughout the Treasure Valley. Please be aware of your property and your neighbors. Let’s keep an eye out for each other and keep our neighborhood safe.

3. Water Safety: Now that warm weather is here, many want to recreate near water. Please be safe around the City’s parks, ponds, the Boise River, and canals. We encourage you to watch, practice, and share the water safety tips in this video

4. Neighborhood Watch: For issues that do not require immediate attention, please email  For issues that need follow up by a neighborhood officer, contact your NCO. If the issue is urgent and needs immediate assistance, please do not hesitate to contact dispatch for an officer to respond (208-377-6790 non-emergency or 911 in an emergency). 

Domain Thank You

For several years a neighbor, Scott Carter, has hosted our domain name (for our website). He moved out of the neighborhood three years ago yet he continued to host us. We have recently taken this over ourselves. But we wanted to thank Scott for his assistance this past years. Thank you Scott!!