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Another Firewise Chipper Reminder

posted Jul 11, 2021, 1:55 PM by CFNA CFNA

Greetings Neighbors! 

I think we can agree that it is officially summer in Boise.  The temperatures are soaring and smoke from Wildland fires is having a negative effect on Boise’s air quality as it spreads across the region.  

Most of you already know that the Central Foothills Neighborhood is considered a Wildland-Urban-Interface area, or WUI.  WUI areas bring special challenges to fire fighting and mitigation due the intermingling of structures (residential homes and businesses) and undeveloped wildland or vegetative fuels. While we, as residents may not be able to change the landscape of the undeveloped landscape, small steps taken on our own property can have a cumulative and positive impact in our own neighborhood. It’s no secret that  this year Idaho is hotter and drier than many years past and we all have a responsibility to prevent wildland fires and mitigate the risks the best we can.  

Lucky for us, the City of Boise has some free programs that can improve wildfire home safety right here in our neighborhood!

Thanks to grant funding from the Idaho Department of Lands, the City of Boise is offering chipping services to neighborhoods in the Wildland Urban Interface along the Boise Foothills throughout summer 2021. The Central Foothills NA is scheduled to receive chipping services on 7/9 and 7/16.  We anticipate additional dates throughout the summer, please check the websites below for additional information. Neighborhood Chipping Program is different this year than in previous years, and requires that residents receive a free home safety evaluation prior to any chipping services. This free evaluation helps homeowners to learn about the wildfire risks around their home and offers free chipping services when you remove overgrown and fire-friendly vegetation. The evaluation team will come to your home and it's a quick, easy and informative process. If residents have received a home safety evaluation from Boise Fire in previous years, there is no need to receive another one to participate in the chipping program.

After signing up for a home safety evaluation, homeowners can secure a chipping slot at  You must schedule a chipping time slot so the chipper knows where to go on the day of the chipping event. Right now, multiple chipping slots available 

The city is also promoting a free plant program.  Residents can remove any fire-prone plant from around their property (e.g. conifers, rosemary, Russian sage, or anything accumulating lots of debris) and receive a free plant in return.  To receive your free plant, remove fire-friendly plants, take pictures before and after and send them to  Please enter FREE PLANT is the subject line of the email.  Homeowners will receive a coupon to pick up a plant from Idaho Firewise or Draggin’ Wing High Desert Nursery. 

If you have more questions please feel free to contact the City of Boise, Dorothy Finaldi at or and other board member of the Central Foothills Neighborhood Association. 

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