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CFNA 2015 Summer Update

posted Aug 27, 2015, 7:47 AM by CFNA CFNA
We hope everyone is having or had a wonderful summer. Boise has been wet, then hot, and now smoky. Our neighbors over the hill had a big scare with the recent fire. And, recently the kids have gone back to school.


Last week’s fire was too close for comfort.
But it is a wakeup call. Every home should have an exit plan. You never know when you may get a knock on the door for immediate evacuation.
Getting your yard in a Firewise condition can help protect your home. Check the Firewise websites for ideas: and  

We live in a dangerous area. Be safe.

Merger with Stewart Gulch Nears Completion 

The CFNA Board and others have been talking about merging with the inactive Stewart Gulch Neighborhood Association for some time. The wheels are currently in motion for this and we expect the final word from The City soon. The Stewart Gulch area includes most of the homes up N 36th St, north of Hill Rd.
Upcoming Social / Meeting Planned for October
So, to welcome our new members, the next social event/meeting will be held in that area. We are planning to meet in October at The Medicine Creek/Stewart Gulch Park at 5070 Eyrie Way. More details will be sent closer to the date.

Burglary and Other Neighborhood Awareness Using
Back in July there were several garage and vehicle burglaries in the area. If you are a member of you would have received timely notification of the incidents shared by those affected. If you are not a member of you may want to consider joining. It’s like Facebook for neighbors. It’s the fastest way to become informed of local incidents. Many people use the site to post about lost and found pets. It appears to be a handy tool that many in Boise are using. You control what you receive notices about.
Neighborhood Access Trailheads to Get Trash Cans and Dog Waste Bags

The CFNA has been awarded a grant from City of Boise’s Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant program to install signage, trash cans and mutt mitt dispensers at the neighborhood access points to the Hillside to the Hollow Reserve.  The CFNA is in partnership with the Land Trust of the Treasure Valley and City to get the sites designed, arrange neighbors to adopt the cans and make sure they will be emptied regularly.  The intent is to make it easy for dog owners to pick up and dispose of their pet’s poop.

The sites slated for trash cans include:  Hillway Dr., Lancaster, N Mountain, W Spring Mountain, 28th St and Scenic Dr.  The 32nd St and Ussery trailheads will be handled by the City.

Thanks to those neighbors who will be adopting these access points! We still need someone who lives near W Spring Mountain and Lancaster to volunteer.  Respond to this email if you are interested or know someone who might be.
Ouch! (if you step on one) or Darn! (if you get a flat tire from one)
Goatheads/puncture vine ( ) are invading our area. You’ve probably seen them and hate them. Feel free to pull them up in your yard, along curbs, along trails. The more people work to eradicate them the better. There is even a ‘challenge’ going on locally where people are taking photographs of the largest plant they pull up and post a photo of it. See the Treasure Valley Cycling Alliance on Facebook for more information. Thanks for any you get rid of. Everyone will appreciate it.
Development Proposals Will Increase Traffic

At a City Planning and Zoning meeting on Sept 14 at City Hall at 6pm two local development proposals will be heard. Neither is in our neighborhood
but both will affect areas we travel.

One is the Highlands Cove development proposal above Crane Creek Golf Course.  This is estimated to increase traffic out of the Highlands neighborhood onto Harrison Blvd and 15th St by 600 vehicles per day.

The second is a rebuild of the assisted living facility on the corner of 15th St and Hill Rd, which burned several years ago. The new proposal is one story taller than the previous building. The number of units and estimated traffic increase is unknown at this point.

If either of these issues are concerning to you, please attend the P&Z meeting.
Boise Voters to weigh in on new Open Space Fund

In 2001 Boise voters approved a two year over ride levy that raised $10 million to preserve places like Stack Rock, Pole Cat and Hillside to the Hollow Reserve.   Over 10,000 acres has been conserved.  But the fund is almost depleted.  And there is more work to do.  Even in our neck of the woods, there remains private land at risk of being developed.

A new $10 million fund is proposed to assure clean water and open space in such places as the Boise River and in the Foothills are protected.  The fund will be for land conservation and recreation projects and will be guided by a citizen committee.

The new fund will be on the November 3rd ballot in the form of a levy over ride, which means a vote of 50% plus 1 vote is need for passage.  It is an opportunity to support conserving the places that make Boise special.  The CFNA has benefited greatly from the previous levy and we hope you will show your support by turning out to vote Yes on November 3rd.  Better yet, contact the campaign at to show your support and get an absentee ballot sent to you.
That’s all for now. We hope to see you in October!
The CFNA Board (Joanie, Tim, Alice, Chris, Michelle, Matt, Carol)