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CFNA January 2015 Meeting

posted Jan 19, 2015, 8:41 AM by CFNA CFNA

           ICAN 3450 W Hill Road 
               Wednesday Jan 21st at 6:30

Meeting Agenda
Welcome and Introduction of Guests: Moe McGee, President
Approval of May 14, 2014 Minutes: Alice Anderson, Secretary/Treasurer

Treasurer’s Report – Alice Anderson
 North Hill Subdivision Project Update – Moe McGee
 2014 Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant Reports
             Chipper Truck – Alice Anderson
              Neighborhood Watch – Joanie Fauce
              Communications Grant – Moe McGee
 2015 Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant Proposal – Moe McGee
 Neighborhood Watch Update: Lani Gallimore, Neighborhood Watch Coordinator
 Hillside to Hollow Reserve – Joanie Fauci
 Open Space Matters Reserve Management Plan Update - Joanie
 Guest Speaker – Maryanne Jordan, City Council President
Election of New Officers
Quarterly Meeting Schedule (3rd Wed. of the month)
April 15, 2015, July 15, 2015 , October 21, 2015
2014 Annual Report:
May 2014 Minutes: