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Chipper Truck Reminder

posted May 10, 2017, 1:53 PM by CFNA CFNA
The Chipper Truck is Coming!

This MondayMay 15 and Tuesday, May 16, then again the following week, May 22 & 23 the chipper truck will be cruising through our neighborhood. See the information below for the City’s guidelines. Thanks to all who participate and help keep our neighborhood “Firewise”.
Guidance for Firewise Chipper Services in Boise’s Neighborhoods:

Please pile brush on your property until the Saturday / Sunday before scheduled chipper services. 

Please pile brush as neatly and compactly as possible. 

Several smaller piles are preferable to high piles which might topple.

Please do not block access to mailboxes or sanitation bins at any time.

Respect your neighbors' driveways or other access points to their property.

Enjoy the brush cleanup and consider helping other residents.

Thank-you messages to Mayor Bieter and Boise City Council are always appreciated:  

The City funds chipper services in our area through grants awarded annually. Central Foothills Neighborhood Association has frequently been awarded these grants to help keep our area safer from wildfire.

If you have questions please feel free to contact