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Lancaster Development Meeting Notes

posted Oct 1, 2015, 4:06 PM by CFNA CFNA

From meeting with Engineering Solutions at the site on 9/30/2015

- chief planner Becky McKay presented, with assistance from Shari Stiles

- owner is still DBSI TIC group, Bent Fork?

- developer Thomas Coleman of Coleman Homes has an option to buy 

            - he lives in the area and recreates here, but mainly builds in the flats of Eagle, Star, Meridian, currently in California

- Becky will ask how much they would sell for

- it will be months until their official application is filed with the City

- if the rezone is not approved she does not know what plan B is, will it go forward with less or not

- 5.2 acres are zoned r1b (4.8 homes/acre), 3 are currently a2 (open space). They plan to ask to rezone the a2 acreage to r1a (2.1 homes/acre)

- they plan to build custom homes, maybe 5000 sq feet homes, may cost $1.5 million

- the fire department has not approved of their plan, only specified their parameters

- the 5 home sites furthest from the road will need to be sprinkled to be fire safe

            - 150’ is standard fire safe distance

            - 150’ plus 150’ is acceptable if ‘sprinkled’

- the road will be 29’ wide, with curbs/gutters/sidewalks, parking on one side only

- the sewer line through lot 10 will not be built on, they envision the home between the driveway and the sewer line, this is the most difficult lot

- all three lots on the east side share a driveway, homes likely would be built above driveway on slope, bottom flatter area needs to be maintained for water flow

- all water flow pathways need to be maintained

- there will be a fair amount of earth moved

            - dust impacts

            - trail may need steps

- trails would be rerouted between lots 7&8 and a new one between 4&5

            - Becky conferred with Jennifer Thomlinson with Boise P&R

- the roadway is 750’ from N Mountain intersection to cul-de-sac (if it had been longer they would have needed a secondary access),the driveway to lot 6 is another 150’

- 43,560 feet is an acre, these lot sizes vary from 15,000 to 98,000

- Lancaster is classified as a “local street”, will stay that way since it has a cul-de-sac

- neighbors were concerned with settling, cracking walls in their homes due to construction

- neighbors mentioned other homes with settling, sluffing, sliding issues especially with decks

- neighbors expressed concern for safety, of children, walkers, etc especially during construction

            - how long would construction be, Becky says not very long

- neighbors expressed concern with traffic increase, especially exiting to Hill Rd

- neighbors expressed concern of tax increase due to new big homes nearby

- neighbors expressed concern with street lighting, currently an unofficial ‘dark sky’ neighborhood

- neighbors expressed concern with view shed, home height can be up to 35’ (3 stories)

- neighbors willing to help: James Wong, Greg Travelstead

- there were about 35 neighbors present

- Bill Richmond took several photos which are now in our website gallery

- CFNA action items

            - tell the City our concerns, the Association and individuals

            - become an official ‘dark sky’ neighborhood

- Becky action items

            - host another meeting

            - provide Joanie/CFNA the sign in sheet info