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Reminders of upcoming hearings

posted Feb 7, 2016, 7:30 AM by CFNA CFNA

Reminders – Your presence is important, please attend as many as you are able

Feb 8, Monday, 6pm, City Hall, 3rd Floor

                Planning and Zoning hearing about the Lancaster development

Feb 8, Monday 5:30, 36th St Garden Center

                Roundabout monthly update

Feb 16, Tuesday, 2pm, Ada County Courthouse

                Bedard vs City of Boise hearing about the easement to the property above Hillside Jr High

Feb 18, Thursday, 4pm, City Hall, 3rd Floor

                Parks and Recreation hearing about revisions to the Hillside to the Hollow Master Plan



Please come to this hearing even if you already submitted written comments. Your presence is important. If you would testify for 3 minutes that would be even better.

It is officially called the Magal Subdivision. Its application numbers are: cfh15-00062 and sub15-00066. For all the details, go to, enter one of the numbers above, search, click on it, go to the documents tab, open the ones dated 2/1 and 2/5 (they contain everything so far). Although this proposal is mainly just for the road extension into a cul-de-sac, it is also a 9 home subdivision permit.

If you testify, here are some points you might include:

  • Your experiences with walking, biking, driving on Lancaster – give specific examples of issues, include safety items concerning children waiting for the school bus or getting on/off, dogs being hit, visibility, etc.

  • Fire concerns: during the building of the new homes, the new homes blocking fire truck access to the hills above Lancaster, several of the new homes will be beyond fire truck access distance, etc.

  • The new homes themselves: the cut and fill necessary to build foothills homes, mention if your home has cracks, loss of your view shed, building could go on for years because there is no timeline on when they will be built, etc.

  • Trail access is not clearly defined and no parking will be allocated. Any trail users who drive to the access point will park on the street in front of homes.

  • Storm water runoff: how much you currently see, which drainages do not work, etc.