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Various City News Updates

posted May 10, 2017, 2:43 PM by CFNA CFNA
Various City News Updates 

 "The Era of Megafires" movie will be playing at the Egyptian Theater on Tuesday, May 16th.

• On Wednesday, May 17th, Captain Jerry McAdams from the Boise Fire Department, Brett Van Paepeghem from Idaho Firewise, and Martha Brabec from the City of Boise, will join together at the Library! at Collister to provide all the latest information about becoming a Firewise Community.  They will present the newest information Firewise has to offer.  Captain McAdams also expressed a willingness to work with any of the neighborhood associations to survey, advise, and support you in taking action now! Although CFNA is already an established Firewise community, you may find this talk informative.
What:  Firewise Communities
When: Wednesday, May 17th, 7:00-8:30 p.m.
Where: The Library! at Collister, in the Sycamore Room
4724 W. State St., Boise ID  83703
(208) 972-8320

 Spurge Blisters - A message from a master gardener neighbor:  Donkey Tail Spurge (botanical name Euphorbia myrsinites) is blooming everywhere right now: (in the median strips on 15th Street), on hillsides (above Harrison Hollow + all along Tablerock Road), and in every last neighborhood... all over Boise. THE SAP CAN CAUSE BLISTERS ON YOUR SKIN and has the potential to blind you. I have at least three wretched incidents to relate where children were hurt or an adult ended up in the ER. The kids, seeing the milky white sap, spread it all over their arms and legs, playing "sunscreen," with it. They ended up in the ER with blisters where they "applied" the sap. Another report of kids rolling on a bank and goofing off, and breaking the stems and getting sap all over themselves, again resulted in ER visits for blisters. And a friend was pulling weeds at the Idaho Botanical Garden, snapped a stem and got some sap in his eyes, which almost blinded him. I'd love to see it all removed, but if you attempt it, wear safety glasses, long sleeves, long pants and gloves. Then throw it in a plastic bag and seal it securely before tossing it in the trash.

• If you know CPR or are in emergency need of CPR, you should have this app:

• Sign up for CodeRed to be notified of emergencies in your area:

• Sign up to receive the City’s "Energize" Newsletter, which contains information about many neighborly events:

• F-35 Update:  Joanie Fauci, CFNA President, has been attending meetings and keeping abreast of information about the F-35s potentially coming to Gowen Field. She has asked the Air Force to provide demonstration flights so we can hear how loud they truly are. No flights are confirmed at this time.

• Bedard Hearing Update:  The City vs. Bedard Musser case was heard at the Idaho Supreme Court on May 3rd. No judgement has yet been made about Bedard’s easement access to his 63 acres of private property above Hillside Jr High.

• Hillway Drive trailhead work is still planned for this spring. We are waiting on supplies. Contact if you wish to help.

• The CFNA Neighborhood Party will be held on October 4th. We will provide additional details closer to the date.

• There will be a City-sponsored Neighborhood Summit on SaturdayOctober 14th. Everyone is welcome to attend. There will be many lectures, panels, and roundtable discussions about issues related to neighborhoods. Again, additional details will be provided closer to the date.