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Welcome to Boise Central Foothills Neighborhood Association

Helping to build and support a thriving diverse community by sharing information, connecting neighbors, and promoting activities

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About Us

Situated along Boise's foothills trail system (Hillside to Hollow Reserve) the Central Foothills Neighborhood represents about 750+ households north of Hill Road between Bogus Basin Road & 36th Street.

Central Foothills Neighborhood Association (CFNA) was organized to provide an opportunity for residents to seek the opinions of members regarding pertinent neighborhood issues, and by the best means possible to act as representative of those majority opinions, and to identify the physical and social values of the neighborhood foothills environment, and seek funding sources and programs to improve it for the benefit of the community, and to educate members about issues affecting the neighborhood, and to provide an open process by which all members of the Association may involve themselves in the affairs of the neighborhood, and to engage the neighborhood in the planning and development process; and to educate on general issues pertinent to health, safety, and environment as they may impact the neighborhood; and for neighborhood charitable purposes.

Contact Us

  • ​President – Allison Rock

  • Vice-President – 

  • Events/Media/Community Planning - Maggie Burkette & Alison Rock

  • Communications Coordinator - Arlene Johnson & Rebekah Goforth

  • Firewise Coordinator –

  • Neighborhood Watch Coordinator – 

  • At Large Representatives – 

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