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December 2021


Hello everyone! It's been a while since we've posted a newsletter or had a gathering. I'm sure we all miss each other. We hope everyone is staying as happy and healthy as possible.
We had our annual meeting in October. Along with low turnout, our mostly recurrent Board members are burned out and could use some new blood. What we need most is a tech-savvy person to become our Communications Coordinator. We know we are not reaching many of the neighbors, so we are hoping to increase our leverage of media options. If you have these skills, please consider helping us; we need you! Additionally, we just updated our website but it’s a work in progress:  
New Year's Eve is approaching... 
Last year several neighbors had fireworks landing on their roofs, decks, and yards. Please, please, please remember that fireworks are NOT allowed in our neighborhood or anywhere North of Hill Rd. If you use a fire-pit, you need a permit (Bon Fire Permit | City of Boise). We live in a WUI (Wildland-Urban Interface) zone. Fires are serious business; please be extremely careful! Call 911 if you need a patrol car to come to investigate the source of fireworks. 
Email Discontinuation - Please take action ASAP!
To continue to share our information with you, we will need those of you who have Cable One email addresses to provide us with your new email addresses. This is a self-service effort, and you can do so by clicking the link at the bottom of this email titled "Update Your Preferences." You will be provided a secure link to follow to update your email address. (If it doesn’t work, just email us your old and new email address and we’ll do it for you). Please do so ASAP! 
We are starting to plan a spring 2022 gathering. Our first annual Spring Central Foothill's Neighborhood Association (CFNA) Picnic at the Park will likely be held at Hillside Park. We'll let you know the details closer to the date. Hopefully, you'll be able to attend.
We will also plan to continue our annual fall CFNA Terrace Way Cul-de-sac party in Sept. or Oct.; more details to come! 
Public Service Announcements:

  1. Boise Parks and Recreation has announced additional hours for off-leash dog use from OCTOBER 15 – MARCH 15, 3 PM TO SUNSET at Sunset Park (32nd St and Sunset Rd).

  2. Be mindful of package deliveries to avoid having them stolen from the front of your home. Consider sending to your work, the neighbor who is home during the day, etc. Home security cameras have come in handy. Call non-emergency dispatch at 208-377-6790 to report issues.

  3. Boise Police wants to remind you criminals will also be out "shopping" this time of year. While you rush from store to store, stay alert and practice good safety habits to keep your shopping trip a safe one. Park your car in well-lit areas, carry your purse close to your body, don't carry large amounts of cash, lock your vehicle, etc.

  4. With freezing temperatures in the mornings, more people are warming up their cars in the driveway while waiting inside their homes for the vehicle to heat up. Your two options to prevent your vehicle from being stolen are to keep it locked while warming up or stay inside the vehicle.

  5. ACHD is prepared for winter road maintenance. Find out more here: Ada County Highway District ( Here are your responsibilities: 

    1. Keep sidewalks and ADA ramps adjacent to your property clear of snow and ice.

    2. Move the snow to an area with low foot and automotive traffic - please do not pile snow into the street.

    3. Check nearby storm drains frequently and clear them of snow, leaves, trash, rocks, and other debris.

    4. Keep an eye on elderly and disabled neighbors.

  6. Idaho Power wants you to ensure you're ready for any outage — short or long — they suggest preparing a home outage kit with items like flashlights, bottled water, and blankets, as well as a vehicle kit in case you need to leave your home. They also stress not to go near downed wires; call 911 or Idaho Power at 208-388-2323 if you see any down.

  7. Please help protect our trails. Don't use wet or muddy trails. Check the Ridge-to-Rivers website for daily conditions. Here's a list of good winter trails to use: Winter Trail Use | Ridge to Rivers

We look forward to seeing you at the spring gathering and hope you all have a wonderful holiday season! 
Best Regards,
The CFNA Board: Joanie, Moe, Barbara, Dorothy, Helen, Sharon, Michelle, Lisa 

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