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CFNA Meeting Minutes

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CFNA Annual Meeting

Octuber 13, 2022


Central Foothills Neighborhood Association Annual Meeting
Wednesday, October 13, 2021, 7pm. The meeting was held via Zoom

  • CFNA elections

    1. President – Joanie Fauci

    2. Vice President – Moe McGee and Barbara Strauss

    3. Communications Coordinator - unfilled

    4. Firewise Coordinator – Dorothy Finaldi

    5. Neighborhood Watch Coordinator – Helen Thorsen

    6. At Large Representatives – Sharon Hayhurst, Lisa Steele, Michelle Cooper

  • New City Energize Staffer: Tiffany Brugge-McCree, Energize Our Neighborhoods Program Manager. Tiffany was unable to attend. But it was noted that several grant cycles are open. The Board will consider a grant or two: Communications/website upgrade, Street Identification signs, dog station at Silver Crest trail access.

  • Stewart Gulch Park is scheduled for a “green up” this winter (2022). It should be complete by June 1. Green-up includes turf, trees, irrigation, and a pathway connecting the playground to Bison St.  is a link to the masterplan for the park. No permanent bathroom is scheduled at this time.

  • It seems a dog waste station is needed at the Silver Crest trail access. This might just be a bag station, or it could be a bag and trash can station. Joanie will reach out to Parks and Rec for their recommendation and how to go about getting it installed (possibly with a grant).

  • Dorothy will talk to neighbors and will be filing for our 2021 Firewise compliance. She’s very confident we did enough brush clearing this year to qualify. Also, the City is still offering Firewise Assessments to neighbors who want them. Once you have an assessment, you qualify for free chipper service. Your assessment is good for several years of chipping. Wildfire Home Safety Evaluation - Ada Fire Adapted


  • Nov 2 Elections

    1. City Council District 3 Representative – 4 candidates.

Upcoming Forums:

  • City listening sessions on housing. Join members of the City of Boise Housing Team virtually to share your insights and perspectives on housing in our city.

Oct. 20 at 1 p.m. ​– Neighborhood Listening Session [Virtual]​  
Oct. 27 at 10 a.m. - Neighborhood Listening Session at Hillcrest Library!​  
Additional details and links to register can be found on the city’s website:


CFNA Annual Meeting


2/1/17 CFNA Annual Meeting Minutes

Welcome by Joanie Fauci, current CFNA President

Guest Speakers:

Troy Rohn—Trustee, Boise School Board—needs our help.

• Over one-half of our schools were built before 1960, and need over 300 million dollars in repairs.

• Having to use portables to relieve overcrowding. Boise police have deemed these to be unsafe.

• Hillside to get a new cafeteria and gym.

• No increase in property taxes due to the expiration of the 1996 bond and 2012 levy—this will replace them.

• CFNA voted to support the Boise School Bond.

• The vote for the school bond will happen on March 14th.

• Go to for more information or to find out about making donations.

Evan Carpenter — Public Works, Composting Service—Curb it Boise will be adding compost year-round service.

• Ada County did a study and found 45% of waste is organic. Very expensive for landfill.

• Most customers will have an estimated monthly increase of $3.40 depending on the level of service chosen.

• Information regarding this program will come out in the next utility bill notice in February or March.

• More information can be found on

Julie Hulvey and Natalie Nation—The Library! At Collister—talked to us about how the library wants the facility to help us and find out issues and goals for our neighborhood.

• The Library offers many services and classes. Many classes included are computer classes.

• There also is a book club held at Highlands Hollow.

• More information about the library is available online.


Joanie thanked all the board members for their help in 2016 and opened up the vote for 2017 CFNA new board members. Joanie gave a description of obligations from board members and responsibilities. This includes helping with grants. At this time, we have two pending grants which include a communications Mini-Grant and also a grant for Firewise Chipper Truck.

Welcome to the 2017 Board:

Joanie Fauci – President

Tim Breuer – Vice President

Lani Gallimore – Secretary/Treasurer

Dorothy Finaldi – Firewise

Helen Thorensen – Neighborhood Watch

Subdistrict Coordinators:

Angela Wickham

Brandon Beagles

Jack Van Valkenburgh

Michelle Cooper

Old Business:

            View the 2016 CFNA Annual Report    

            and the photos

Lancaster Drive: lawsuit by is pending by Tim Kesinger (we have since learned this was rejected/declined); road should go in this spring.

Eyrie Canyon: nothing new, development progresses.

Bedard Property: awaiting lawsuit results, Emily will reach out.

Hill Rd. Townhouses: being built currently, 2 duplexes near the roundabout have maintained the pathway to the street above as required by the Conditional Use Permit.

H2H trails: The Land Trust of the Treasure Valley, Ridge to Rivers, and neighbors will work to improve our neighborhood access points.

36th St Roundabout: seems to be working well, art potential on hold pending landscaping beautification.

New Business:

  1. Town Hall meetings with Senator Cherie Buckner-Webb and Representatives Matt Erpelding and Melissa Wintrow at Warm Springs Golf Course on 2/8 at 6:30 and Shadow Hills Elementary on 2/22 at 6:30.

  2. Many Boise residents value Freak Alley in downtown Boise. Check out this survey at to comment on proposed improvements to Freak alley between 8th and 9th Streets, and to the Union Block Alley between 8th and Capitol Blvd. Residents are invited to participate now through February 7th. Thank you! This is a great opportunity to shape the look and feel of our city and participate in Placemaking downtown.

  3. March 14th VOTE in the Boise School Bond election.

  4. Emergency Preparedness workshop, including wildfire evacuation, presented by the City of Boise in May.

  5. A new group was recently created in as a follow-up to the Women’s March.

  6. The City has a new Energize Newsletter. Sign up for it here:

The City has another survey out right now. You are encouraged to take the City’s Citizen Survey, as all replies are valued. They want to hear from you! It is their mission to better serve #Boise residents by understanding how they can best meet your needs. To help accomplish this, you are invited to take this survey:

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CFNA January 2022 Board Meeting

January 20, 2022

CFNA Board Meeting 

January 20, 2022 
17:30 -18:30

In attendance: Joanie Fauci, Mary McGee, Dorothy Finaldi, Sharon Hayhurst, Lisa Steel, Michelle Cooper, and Barbara Strauss 

Joanie Fauci: Submitted the annual report to the City

Mary McGee: Submitted a $1000.00 mini-grant for neighborhood party on the western side of the CFNA boundary on 36th street; either Stewart Gulch or Hillside park - TBD.  

The $1000 grant will include funds for party supplies, entertainment, food/beverages, and re-usable signs.

Mary will reach out to the City, Tiffany, to reserve the party trailer.

The proposed date for the neighborhood block party is May 22nd from 2-5 pm.

We hope to get Boise Rock Group to provide entertainment for the party.

The below organizations will provide information stations:

  • Firewise,

  • BPD Neighborhood Contact Officer,

  • Land Trust of the Treasure Valley,

  • SUEZ Water 

  • Neighborhood Watch 

Barbara Strauss: Submitting a grant for Sign-Toppers and possibly development of a NA logo. Feedback is requested on the project from CFNA residents; historically, this project has been a high-priority project requested by neighborhood residents. Additional feedback is requested for street names to have sign-topper attached; major entrances into the neighborhood will be a priority.

Joanie Fauci: Update of meeting with Brett and Barbara to discuss leveraging media to increase CFNA communication. It has been decided to concentrate on MailChimp and the CFNA website.

Barbara has migrated our website to WIX. Take a look!

Joanie Fauci and Sharon Hayhurst: Will gather HOA contact for the neighborhoods in the association.

Dorothy Finaldi: Firewise assessments will likely be available for property safety assessments but details are not yet known; a table will be at the NA party to promote the Firewise program.

Neighborhood Project; yard clean-up was suggested as a project.  If you have a suggestion of a house that needs clean-up, let the board know.

Michelle Cooper: Will have an information table for the Land Trust of the Treasure Valley at the CFNA party. 

Helen Thorsen: Wasn’t present; the board will ask her to have a table at the CFNA party representing Neighborhood Watch

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