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CFNA Newsletter

Spring 2023

Happy Spring, everyone! It’s been so long since we’ve gathered. We want to see you all again. Please plan to come to our Central Foothills Neighborhood Association Fall Gathering! The party is scheduled for September 2023, from TBD at Stewart Gulch Park on Eyrie Way. More details later. For now, “Save the Date.”

It’s that time of year again when we all start looking at our landscaping projects. Like the past few years, to participate in the City’s Chipper Truck program, you no longer need to get a Firewise Assessment. You can also sign up for a free Firewise evaluation of your property; for more information, check out  Wildfire Home Safety Evaluation - Ada Fire Adapted


Thanks to the Facebook group “Furry Friends in the Foothills,” They did some fundraising and had the Land Trust of the Treasure Valley install this new mutt mitt station. It is located at the top of Harrison Hollow near Silver Crest Dr. Hopefully, this helps reduce dog waste on the trails. Thanks to all who helped and continue to help keep this area clean.



Our local endemic flower is out right now, the Aase Onion. It can be seen on the Buena Vista trail. It has beautiful pinkish flowers clustered low to the ground. It is endemic, growing only from Camelback Park to Emmett; extraordinary!



Feathered friends searching for a new home: wild turkeys walking down Hillway Dr; so cute.



Public service announcements:


Vehicle burglaries – Boise Police Department is warning everyone to always lock their vehicles when parked outside their garage. These types of burglaries are on the rise all over town.

Trailhead burglaries – Boise Police Department, Ada County Sheriff’s Office, and the Ridge to the Rivers trail system is warning everyone not to leave valuables in their vehicle at a trailhead, especially not in plain sight. Many vehicles have been broken into (including smashed windows) and had items stolen.

Be wary of solicitors – this is another warning from the Boise Police Department. Remember, all solicitors must wear a visible badge. Never let one inside your home!

Several streets in our neighborhood were built before rules about roadway width. Thus, they are quite narrow. We ask that you have friends/party attendees park on one side of the road, especially along Hillway, Ridgeway, and Terrace Way. If you host a gathering, please ask your attendees to all park on one side to allow neighbors and other vehicles to pass more easily. Thanks!


Thanks for reading; we hope to see you soon!


Independence Day Community BBQ

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